Monday, July 30, 2007


World wide acclaim. check me out:

Mum said they will be using some other photos of me soon.

World domination by the B-dawg is well underway!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Workin' For The Weekend...

Hello my homies.
This weekend was fun time at the barn, and then going to PetsMart and dinner with Mum! I love Petsmart. I got new toys, a new collar and treats. AND I got to play with a Big Dawg called a St. Bernsomething. She LOVED me. (Of course.)

Today and Yesterday at the barn when I get hot, I go and jump in the ditch which is full of interesting tasting water. Mum yells at me when I do this, but I get so hot, mum! I don't mean to get dirty and slimy, but it just HAPPENS.

So tonight I got to swim in the bathtub with mum. I love chasing her toes under the bubbles. But I am WORE out. Mum said I could surf the interweb, but all I wanted to do was say HEY to my Fan Club outthere in the ethernet and tell you I hope you had a great weekend. Its back to living in the crate this week while mum works.

OH. And she's thinking about taking me on vacation with her in two weeks - apparently the house sitter may not be able to stay. She says it would mean 5 hours on an air plane. I am not too sure about that - I've done 2 hours flights before, but 5 is a whole different game, but I know I would miss my mum for the 10 days she is gone and I KNOW she would miss me. We'll have to see.

Mum's 'puter took some pictures of me right before I finished this post. You can see I'm one tired dawg.
Have a good monday, my homies! Just don't forget the treats and belly scritches!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am SO smart...

I have figured out how to work the system.

See, mum gives me a super treat whenever we get back inside after I take her to go potty. (I go potty, mum goes outside with me, with my leash. grrrr)

And I have figured out how to drink lots and pee little, so that I can go outside OVER and OVER and OVER again. You know what that means... MORE TREATS!!!! YEA BAXTER!!!!

So I've got mum trained now.

OH and the other trick I have her trained to do? I go into my double sized crate and stand in front of my water and food bowls and whine. Sometimes, its legit, and I make her get me water or food. But lately, I will stand there and whine and whine and whine until mum comes and touches the bowls so I can finally eat. Its a great trick. It aggravates her intensely. I think its great pay back for all the stupid tricks she makes ME do.

I am such a smart dog.

Here's a photo of me on mum's lap at a horse show this weekend. She's too funny.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been busy!

Mum gave me a summer cut - shave thing. Bummer.

And we went to a party last weekend - I was the hit of the party. And I got to play with big dogs in the hostess' house - it is SO cool being small like me, because I can dodge the big dogs by going under chairs and tables and they can't! I was so worn out that mum's friend's dog, Sophie was getting on my nerves. Stupid Boxer. I'll school her next time.

Mum and I have been playing fetch. But I don't like getting my photos taken. See?

No photos, please. Paris and Brittany get hounded by the papparazzi - and so do I.

At least you could get my good side, man.

And ENOUGH with the flash already!!!

Fine. Smiling. See???

And for those of you with YouTube - here I am playing with Mum. She's such a good Mum.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Is that a web cam on your laptop or are you just happy to see me?

Mum's laptop has a built in camera... you've seen some of the shots.

I think I just got busted surfing the internet...

You have no proof, camera... you can't prove I was downloading pictures of puppy treats and buying B-dawg toys on Ebay.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Beach Bumin' It

Mum got Wednesday off for good behavior, so on Tuesday, we headed to the BEACH!!

This involves a car ride and a ferry ride to Ocracoke island, where everybody loves the B-dawg!!!! You can see the ferry in the background. And yes, my bandana says SURF!!! I'm a beach dawg!

The wind is AWESOME on the ferry. It makes my ears stand at attention!

Mum, I am too busy sniffing the smells to pose for your stupid photo.

I went swimmin'in the ocean, diggin in the sand and getting adored by people all over the USA who came to Ocracoke for the July 4th holiday.

Its tough being so gosh darn cute. It wears you out. Good thing I could sleep on mum's shoulders on the way home.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I get around....

Fear not, Fan Club members - I am over the yaks!! And am living large.

This weekend I got to go to PetSmart and get chewys. Mum got me two bandanas and I look totally cool, like I should, when I wear them. Then we went to Moes so mum could get lunch (and share with the B-dawg, of course - they have a great covered, fanned outside sitting area! Love. It.) and then - guess what?

You'll never guess. Mum took me to HARRIS TEETER in my little over the shoulder carrier - and I was such a good boy. I stayed in the bag, with just my head out while mum shopped and shopped. And two people said they wanted to join my fan club. I know, I know, but I was a good dog and everything.

I didn't get to go to the barn on sunday (but did on Saturday) so mum made it up to me by taking me to Lowes and then Taco Bell, whereI got some potatoes from the cool drive thru lady. I was living LARGE this weekend, my homies. Gettin' out amongst my peeps, spreadin' the love. We told several people about Aunt Glo, so hopefully, NC will get more of the awesome B-dawg family. It was the best ever.

p.s. Riding in the cart RULES!