Monday, February 26, 2007

Honk if you hate deers

On the way home from seeing Rico and chasing him while Mum was riding him, it was dark and scary and then Mum slowed down and did something she's never done with me in the car - she did something and the car made a NOISE! It was COOL. She said it was called the horn. And then she put the bright lights on and I saw IT -

A deer, complete with beady eyes and suicidal tendancies. So I barked and barked and barked and told it to stay the heck out of the way and away from me and my mum.

And mum kept using the horn thingy. It was cool.

Anyway, I'm sorta in trouble. Yesterday, while mum was in the shower I did something that made her mad. I can't be blamed if the stuff smelled interesting. Its my JOB to identify and if necessary taste these things. It was HER FAULT she left it out with out supervising me.

But mum said my punishment was to have the pictures of "the destruction" posted on my blog. As if that would make my fans love me any less. Ha.
But here they are:

Mum inserts: Yes, that's a Likamaid candy packet. I'm only allowed that stuff once every blue moon and I had left it on the coffee table. I THOUGHT it was safe, but apparently not. B-dawg had gotten better at being a destructo-dawg, but I guess I took too long in the shower. I love how he had to open EACH flavor and BOTH sticks. And spread it all over my ottoman. Lovely. Thank god for dirt devil dust busters.

Anyway, here I am, watching her put the "proof" on the internets. No, I am not happy. But Mum is quick to forgive, so I'm sure I'll be getting a peice of her pizza crust before its much later. hee hee.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

And I thought my hair cut stunk...

Mum spent two whole evenings clipping 'Rico. And today, she did it some more! Poor dude. I am so glad that I'm small enough to get clipped inside, at least. Rico was not happy, but he prefers the outside to the inside clipping.

Rico and I are pals. We get along really really well. I like to lick his nose and he lets me hang out in his stall with him.

Not only that, we share hay. He eats it, and I sniff it, looking for the mouses I think probably lived in it. Because we all know that cats are slackers and that barn cat, Barley (not my sister) looks awful skinny for a barn cat. It makes me think she's been slacking.

Anyway, so thats what we did today. And now I'm sleeping. Tomorrow is Friday and mum says its shower day for me. I think getting shaved should mean more time between the showers. argh. oh well. maybe she'll forget. Peace, love and kibble, my homies!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've been a good boy

Can I have some, Mum? Everyone else likes to give me people food. I am pretty sure that every people food is better than the best dog food.

I mean, I know its just pasta and bread, but pleeeeeeese?

By the way, I had lots of fun at the barn today, even though I had to wear my coat and it was WARM!!! If you hadn't shaved me, I would have been fine.

I'm just saying.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I hate mum

Doesn't she know its supposed to be 25 degrees tonight???? ARRRGGGH!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

pictures from the best weekend.

Prez Laura and Em-me were here. It was AWESOME. Prez Laura fed me eggs and bacon. Sweet!
Here are some pics from the weekend! I miss you guys ( mum inserts: ME TOO!) Come back and stay at Casa Baxter any time!
the B-Dawg

This is me and Prez Laura. Notice the way she lets me chill on her shoulders. I love her.

Em-me has the best scratches EVER. No wonder Tinkerbell slept with her the whole weekend.

I love Em-me too. B-kisses are good luck - she scored SUPER high on her math competition after kissin' Baxter dawg.

It was a busy weekend. I needed my sleep.

Dear Em-me

Please don't despair. I haven't forgotten about you or Prez Laura and the fabulous weekend we had together. It was magic, it was wonderful, it was as good as the fried eggs and bacon that we shared.

Mum has been SUPER crazy and hasn't uploaded our photos. We have been spending the last two nights FOREVER at the barn while she shaved Jericho (poor sucker.) And when we get home, she's all about the shower and the bed.

I've been NAGGING her to upload the photos of the hotness that is you and me, but she's not been listening. Mums - you know how they are. I know you do, because I saw it all this weekend.

I promise to bite mum soon if she doesn't put our pictures up.
hugs, kisses, and bacon

Friday, February 09, 2007

Mum does't like my dreads...

She calls them mats. And she forced me to lay down while she went to mad, crazy work with the scissors. I thought she LIKED a hairy chest, but apparently not.

I kept trying to tell her it was a style I saw on a dog show. See, I really liked this breed in the Herding group called a Puli. It is the coolest looking dog (except for Baxter dawgs, of course) - he comes born with built in camo - perfect for chilling with some sheep.

I've always wanted to chill with sheep. Not deers, though - which were back last night, by the way, and they brought reinforcements. There were easily eleventy hundred in the neighborhood. But I took care of them. It was cold thought, without my dreadlocks.

Anyway, Mum says I am not a herding dog, and I am certainly not a Puli or a Rastafarian (what ever that is). And since she keeps finding dreads on me, she told me its going to be time for a clip... maybe even this weekend.

Its February, people. Its like not even above freezing most of the time. B-dawgs are not supposed to get clipped in WINTER.

Maybe Prez Laura and Cousin Em-me (who will be staying at B-dawgs casa this weekend) can distract her long enough to put it off. That might give me time to grow better looking dreads and change her mind.

Have a Baxter-liscious Weekend, my Homies!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Do you speak Baxter?

I actually sing with mum when she's not videoing me.
BUt do you understand what I'm saying? Mum does

Monday, February 05, 2007

She works hard for the money...

Mum had to work on Saturday AGAIN. And this time it was twice as long. She didn't get home until after 11 PM. And where was I? In my crates! The horrible horrible confinement. Sure, she's put two super big crates together and filled it with food, water, toys, a bed, and a pee pad. And maybe it isn't that bad, but I can't run free, like a Baxter Dawg should.

So when she got home, she told me she was sorry (quite right!) and said I could play all night if I wanted to - just don't wake her up.

So I did - I put all my toys all over the house on the floor and had a ball.
But it made me really tired on Sunday. So when she took her nightly shower, I went ahead and went to bed. First on the bed gets to pick their spot. OR at least thats what the cats say when I jump on the bed and see them chillin in my spot.

cats. i just don't get them.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Inside scoop on the life of the B-dawg

Since so many of my fans have asked for more info on my life, I filled out a little questionaire that mum got when she got tagged in email. I thought it was fun. Feel free to ask me any more questions that you like!

Fan Club Alphabet:
[A is for age]: 18 months… a canine teenager
[B is for beer of choice]: I’m a wine drinker, actually, when mum isn't looking.
[C is for career]: Cutest B-Dawg In The World
[D is for favorite Drink]: What ever mum has got, ‘cept hot tea
[E is for Essential item you use everyday]: A chewy. Gotta work the jaws, man.
[F is for Favorite song at the moment]: “Who let the dogs out?” (what?)
[G is for favorite Game]: Booga – where I chase mum and she chases me!
[H is for Home town]: Alabama – Doublecreek Kennel
[I is for Instruments you play]: I sing, man.
[J is for favorite Juice]: not big on the juice. Unless its from steak. I like steak juice.
[K is for Kids]: One word: neutered.
[L is for last kiss]: Mum – this AM
[M is for marriage]: Nah, I like to play the field. Lots of girls dig the B-love.
[N is for full Name]: Baxter Baxter Baxter (three times FAST)
[O is for Overnight hosp stays]: one – for That Horrible Operation
[P is for phobias]: Big dogs who play rough.
[Q is for quote]: “Do you want fries with that?” Heck yeah, mum.
[R is for biggest Regret]: Agreeing to get in the car that day we went to the vets office
[S is for sports]: I like fetch, and chase, and tag!
[T is for Time you wake up]: 5 AM!!!
[U is for color underwear]: I go nekkid, ‘cept when its cold
[V is for Vegetable you love]: Am a meat eater. Veggies yuck. Wait, are fries veggies?
[W is for Worst Habit]: Mum says “chewing on shoes”
[X is for X-rays you've had]: none.
[Y is for Yummy food you make]: Why would I cook when people like to cook for me?
[Z is for zodiac sign]: Virgo, baby