Monday, June 09, 2008

Captain Baxter on the USS Kayak!

Mum and I went on an adventure this weekend. We got to ride in this little boat thing called a kayak. Mum kept calling it a "yak." She's weird like that.

Back in NC, after I kept showing interest in swimming, mum bought me my very own Dawgie Flotation Device. (AKA life jacket.) It makes swimming much easier and me less stressed. Everyone was mucho impressed with it and me (of course.)

Here we are, at the base of Hoover dam. We had to go through major security to get here, and I didn't realize that I should have peed there before getting on the boat. But I held it. It just wasn't fun.

I just checked out the cabins below deck - perfect size for a B-dawg.

Off on our adventure. I would sit in mum's lap and she would row. Like it should be.

DUCKS! OMG! I bailed off the kayak when one swam up to us and I was going to get it! - I was not going to allow ANY ducks on my boat. Its a duck free zone! Then I realized "this water is FREEZING" not like the beach or the pool or the bath tub. LET ME BACK IN THE KAYAK, MUM.

When we got to this area, its a canyon with hot springs - the water in this inlet was nice and warm. We hiked up a little ways till I couldn't go any further (they had ropes for people to keep going) and the stream was HOT. Mum says that's why they are called "Hot Springs." Here I am telling the Ducks to BACK OFF again. But the water is pretty warm here.

Its just ANOTHER waterfall, Mum. Chill out with the picture taking. Geeze.

And when I got tired, I could stretch out and nap. Good times.

All in all, I think I like kayaking. I get to meet lots of people, see lots of things and hang out with Mum. Not so bad a day.