Friday, June 29, 2007

I am sick

And I'm pretty sure I know who dunnit.

See, here we are, enjoying a nice frolick in the back yard. Me on a leash of course. Those darn cats, free as always. grumble. But notice - mum mowed the yard! Yea Mum!

anyway, from across the ditch, notice the Psycho kitty putting the evil eye on the cuteness that is the B-dawg. Pretending that just because her eyes are green, we can't see her. hurumph. Maybe if I were a golden retriever or a lab or sumthin.

Malley sez, "I told you to stay away from her, she doesn't like you. Stupid rat dog, do you want to get killed????"

Malley is always trying to look out for me. We sleep together with Mum some times. But Psycho LIKES him. Its Just. Not. Fair! She MAKES me bark when she hisses and swats at me. I can't help it.

Stoopid Cats.

See? She won't even let me back to the door without threatening me. And then I started throwing up the next night. I'm sure its related. If I could prove it, maybe Nana and Grandpa would come get her and I could rule the house again.

Don't worry, B-dawg fans... I'll live. I hope. Mum took good care of me last night and I hadn't thrown up before she left this morning.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And now, a word from our sponsor...

Don't worry, my Homies - I'm still here and kickin'. If you've checked out Mum's blog you'll see we had a horse show this weekend. So I got adored by thousands of fans, while mum gave treats to the pony and not me. So wrong.

But to keep you occupied, here's a link mum and I have been laughing over. Poor Bo. He hasn't quite learned to that world dominion requires a little bit of tact. It must be because he's got short legs.

I'll post some stuff soon, my peeps. Till then, don't pee on the carpet and beware the Big Black Psycho Kitty.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beggin for treats

Mum has discovered some AWESOME treat things. But she makes me work for them. First it was treats if I went in my crate in the morning. She tricks me EVERY time - she says "Crate!" and I go running, because I know she's going to be putting a handful of the treats in the crate. But then she shuts the door and goes away. For EVER. it makes me sad. After I eat the treats of course. Because, hellllooo treats RULE.

Anyway, she's making me dance now... before I get the juicy yummy bestthingever!

Its really rather undignified. I mean, I'm not some monkey in the circus, mum

This is me objecting to the tricks - barking loud and often "MOM. GIVE IT TO ME. I AM A GOOD DOG. I SHOULD GET A TREAT!"

And then mum does. And I suppose I shouldn't complain. The cats don't get treats, even though they get to come and go as they please.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Showing with JorJor

this past weekend, after getting up early to go to the barn with mum, we took a ROAD TRIP!!!

JorJor has gone away for a month or so to work at a horse farm with one of her ponies, Rodney (aka "For your eyes only"). I got to eat left over ribs, swim in a pool (What's an otter? And why do I look like one?) and sleep in Miss Gina's horse trailer - which has AIR CONDITIONING!!! very cool.

On Sunday morning we went out to watch Jorjor do something called "an event." Actually, it was just the cross country portion, and when they say cross country they are talking alot of walking and running, man. When mum shows at least she stays in the same time zone and you can always see her. This is crazy hard work. Especially if a B-dawg is trying to keep up.

We walked the course with JorJor that morning, and boy was I tired! And through the whole thing, horses would come galloping up and I had to get out of the way. I wasn't too thrilled about this, and barked my displeasure which caused mum to start wrapping her hand around my mouth. that stunk.

Anyway, here's a token shot of me, taken by JorJor afterwards. Notice how I am panting. But it was FUN though - mum says we may go back and visit sometime. Cool with me.

Friday, June 08, 2007

That's how I roll

When mum and I go cruisin'this is how I ride.

Mum doesn't like it. I have my own seat belt, but I am too small for it to hold me for long.

I'm usually pretty good. I sit, wrapped around her neck and stay quiet, so long as we aren't going through a drive through. I like to see the world, ya know. Its also a great place to nap.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm in trouble...

Mum was eating her dinner in the chair the other night, and I couldn't stand it anymore so I jumped on her. Her wine went flying, all over the chair and floor. She yelled.

A lot.

At me.

So i'm in trouble.

Anyone know the number to Paris Hilton's lawyer? Because I'm thinking I'm going to need to get out of jail soon.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I could earn my keep!

Mum and I were watching TV this weekend, and a commercial for my favorite store, PetsMart came on - and there's this little dachshund dragging this old toy around like its his favorite. Well, *I* have that toy, and I LOVE it, and I am so much cutter than that little freakishly long (or is it freakeshly short?) dog.

See? I could be doing that commercial! And making big bucks! Or at least getting a discount on B-dawg toys and treats!

Picture it - The B-dawg Famous. I could be like Madonna or Cher, or Prince- just know as Baxter.

I'd even give mum some of my treats. Because I decided she's OK. Now, all I have to do is get an agent...