Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Horse showing - with out a horse

That's the way I like it. Mum and I went to Raleigh to hang with my peeps, and Jericho stayed home.

The paparazzi were out and about and could not resist taking professional photos of yours truly. I was chilling in my bag while Mum was watching Krystal with her horses.

But let it be said, I may have been in a bag, but I was still givin' the laydeeze some B-dawg flirtin'.

Check this stud man out!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Beach trip to Nana's!!!

Gulf Shores - land of treats from Granpa in the AM, scritches from Nana in the PM and occassional Yorkie-Poo Smack Down 2008 with my sister, Barley....

You have to understand - the beach may look like one big litter box to the cats, but to me, its a constant head out the open window of the car. There's breezes bringing weird smells, birds to chase, crabs to dig up and all sorts of fun stuff - and that doesn't even count the SWIMMING. It was too cold to swim this time, though.

Not only that, its a rockin' place to dig a hole and nap.

We had a blast there - though my sister Barley doesn't seem as beach going as I am.

Poor thing.

Barley says, "Hello, Dahlings... Have you seen a cabana boy about? I need my umberella set up."

Barley:My Mum says dogs aren't allowed on the beach here.
Baxter:I heard my Mum say that too.

Baxter:Good thing we aren't dogs.
Barley:Yeah. Rotten for them, though.

One of my favorite games is tag between Nana and Mum - see how fast I am???

Peace, my hommies! Don't forget the sunscreen!