Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hiking in the Valley of Fire...

Feeling Hot Hot Hot - NOT!
The Valley of Fire was about 40 degrees. But I had FUN! Lots and Lots and LOTS of smells to sniff.

Here I am with my head in the wind as we drive to a hiking spot. B-Dawgs LOVE the hiking!

For the first mile anyway...then I'm all about Mum hiking, and me riding. See the Sexy B-dawg sillhouette? I think riding in the belt bag is the Way. To. Travel.

Friday, December 04, 2009

King of all I survey

Mum finally got the back yard finished! Grass! Patio! Plants to pee on! YAY. Rocks...not so yay.

Mum is hiding in the corner. She's so silly.

Dude. No, that grass is wet. I'll stay RIGHT here, thanks!

Yet another marvelous place for me to explore and chill out at. Wish it weren't so cold right now so I could enjoy it! Peace out!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicken Dawg Chicken Dawg

Haunting near you! Its me, Baxter the CHICKEN DAWG!
Hope you had a marvelous Halloween! My only complaint (no, not the costume) was that no one gave puppeh treats when I went out treating wiht the Boo! Notice the last photo where I leave in dejection. sad.

Friday, October 23, 2009

You barely update the blog

So why on earth would I want one of these facebook page thingys??

I mean really, Mum.


Baxter Dawg has spoken.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mom's so vain

She was all "I'll go grey like B-dawg!" (Its called SILVER Mum, and its because of my Yorkie Daddie). "We'll be grey together!" "I'll look like my puppeh." She was doing pretty well at it too - she had lots and lots and lots and lots (wha, mum? is true!) of silver like me.

But then she came home looking like this...
She couldn't stand to be as cute at the B-dawg, I guess. Now I look like the old one. HA HA HA. You hafta take orders from ME! Because I have the grey hairs! HA!

She says she looks like Rico now. Harumph. Pony is NOT as cute at B-dawg. I am just saying.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today, I turn 4. Mum took me to a fancy barkery place to get fancy treats (me, I just prefer the liver treats from Petsmart, but I humored her.) and I made sure to poop in the store. EXCELLENT. The girls there didn't really oo and awww over me either (before the poopage) so I think they had it coming because hELLO! I am CUTE! And its my BIRFDAY! morons.

It was also REALLY hot today. Mum says it was 109. All I know is that when I went tearing through the neighborhood because mom forgot (HA HA HA SUCKER!) to put my leash on when we went out to the car, the ground was HOT. And I was panting up a storm after running for like 5 seconds. I wouldn't let mum catch me though. But the nice man in the big white truck was mean and when I came to hiim when he called me, he made me stay put so mum could grab me. No fun for the B-dawg on his birthday.

So I'm tired. And chillin with Mum tonight. You can send me birthday cards - just ask mum. Peace out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cause That's How I roll...

This, my peeps, is how hiking should be - when you get tired, your mum plucks you up and stashes you in your spot, and she does all the work.

Don't get me wrong - I did my fair share of hiking, but my legs are only SO long and I have to take lots more steps than the peoples. See, here I am, posing just For YOU!

And I got hot, with all the hiking, so I went swimming in the creek. It was cold, but felt OH SO good on my paws. But then I got all dirty and mum was NOT happy about a muddy dawg. I tried to point out that drinking from the creek saved more of her bottled water for her, but she just didn't want to hear it.

Where were we? We were in Oregon, at Mum's Aunt's house. I like it there - lots and lots of room to run run run. And GRASS. Ah, Grass, how I have missed you so in the desert.

We also went Sailing - I would like to take this moment to remind you all SAFETY FIRST. Especially when on a boat with a bunch of drunks. Not that I'm judging. I'm just saying they wouldn't share the vino and I was NOT pleased about this.

Ah sailing... I love the wind in my ears...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long time, no post

Mum and I have been SUPER BUSY moving into the new digs.

We're settled in now, and I've now got the title of Deputy Dawg. This means I am in charge of fussing at the cats when Malley gets on the counter or they try to sharpen their claws on the stair carpet.

I like the new house, but most of all, I like my new crate - it is STYLIN!

I think it adds a level of class an sophistication.

You'll also notice I am sportin' the summer 'do. Not really happy about it but since its been so hot, I think Mum might have had a good idea.

Me and Malley have been playing - he likes to plop down next to my ball and then I bark at him until he gets annoyed enough to leave so I can get my ball.

That works until I inhale his stupid fur. Stupid cats. Always shedding. Definitely not near as nice as Baxter-Dawg's hair.

More later, peeps. I will try to keep mum updating the internets for you!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009


I want cookies. Or what ever your eating.

And if you could pick me up, that would be grand. Its been a long week at nana's house....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loing time, no post

As Baxter's mum, I should apologize. Much of our lives are in temporary holding patern while we live in a single room, waiting on the house to sell in NC.

Fortunately, the house has sold, and we are headed for new digs next month. So my sorry lazy self will go back to the wonderful world of posting for Baxter soon.

We've been busy the last several weeks, travelling - complete with a Christmas eve stay at an airport hotel in houston.

To all the B-dawg fans, I am sorry! I will work to remedy in 2009!
Until then, here's the B-dawg with me, and his sister, at Christmas!