Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's My Hommies!

This is how I feel.

I just got back from visiting Aunt Kathy, Uncle John, and Couzin Krystal. I also got chased by vile female arabian horses at Miss Jenny's house. But I got to get red dirt paw prints all over mum.

Anyway, so I am celebrating New Years about a dozen time zones a head of everyone. Night Night, homies. See you in 07.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yeah, she's my sister

But that doesn't mean I have to like her.

She followed me EVERYWHERE. And she's a swiper. If I had something, she took it from me. I'm not used to this type of stealing. I mean, the cats - they would never pretend to care enough about something to steal it. And she's GOT. TO. HAVE. IT. NOW. Chewys, treats, toys, even Mum's lap.

Sure, it was fun to play and chase ME (I never got to chase her). But she always was thinking we were playing - but deep down in side I wanted to assert myself. But only my good manners kept me from pinning her tan little butt to the ground and telling her who was the Alpha dog. It was HER house, afterall. But sometimes, sometimes I just lost my temper. Fortunately, no one was harmed. And she STILL didn't get the point.

Here we are, the last day, and STILL SHE TRIES TO STEAL MY SNAKE. That's MY snake, the one Mum and I picked out TOGETHER for ME. Stupid Barley dog.

See what I mean about even Mum's lap? She's got to come and horn in on our nap time together, and its not enough for her to just nap, Nooooooo..... she's got to sit on top of her.

And all this time, I was feeling most unhappy and sore from being shot by the vet. And Mum likes the Barley dog - says she's a lap dog. Why anyone would want a lap dog who's a thief is beyond me. But Aunt Kik, Uncle Joe, Cousin Boo and Nana (Grandpa - well the jury is still out on him - he's a bit scary) were very nice and I got a couple of scritches from them before Barley butted me out of the way to steal them.

Sisters. What a total pain.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Guest blogger - Barley

Hey Ya'll. My name is Barley and I am Baxter's big sister. I'm not as big as him, but what I lack in size, I make up in attitude. He's in MY house, and he will do as I say. Including give me his chew.

I've already peed in my own house and blamed him. unfortunately, his Mom saw me, and I was busted. That was not pleasant.

We like to play chase and tag, and he's great fun until I bump him where he got his shots this week. Vets suck.

Anyway, in case all of ya'll are wondering, he's good and I'm keeping him in line. We'll write more after our naps.

Friday, December 22, 2006

A grand adventure

Right now, I'm at a vet's office. Last time I was a vet, I got neutered. Mum informed me that this time it wouldn't be that bad.

But see, my shots expired. And I have to fly today to go see Nana and Barley. So I'm thinking this is going to suck. But so far, I charmed everyone in the place. Maybe if I'm cute enough they will forget about the shot. It just sounds bad - getting shot.

So I give you today for your viewing pleasure, the B-dawg (that's me) one year ago. When I still had the puppy hair that wasn't curly. I was one cute pup, man. If you were a vet, you wouldn't shoot me, would you? See?

Peace homies. Next blog update from Chicago.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Go away, Mum

I'm serious, mum. I'm tired. Please go away with the camera.

you've had a hard day, its tough to be me, lets just nap, m'kay?


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm in trouble

I woke mom up last night about 1 am to take me outside so I could potty. And then, I saw them - three deer trespassing on Miss Jean's yard. It was my duty, my job, my purpose in life to protect my neighborhood. So I barked, and they ran - HA! clip clop clip clop across the street into the woods. But just in case, I continued to bark. A Baxter's job is never done.

Meanwhile, mum is shivering and muttering and I'm SO not listening to her. I have to bark. To warn off the deadly deer. And to let the other dogs in the neighborhood know about the interlopers.

By this time, Mum is seriously pissed. She said I was waking up the whole neighborhood - which was fine with me because they all LOVE the B-dog. They always give me scratches and talk nice to me and occasionally I get treats. So waking them up is an excellent side effect. I'm up, mum's up, the deer are up - lets get everyone up and have a "Scratch the Baxter" party!!!!

So mum drags me back in the house and we go back to bed. But see, I forgot to do what it was I went out there to do in the first place. And when nature calls, you can't let it go to voice mail.

So there was more muttering and grumbling this morning while mom sprayed the stinky stuff on the spot I left for her. Next time, I told her, make sure there aren't any deer out side at 1 am.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Time for the B-Dawg

Its been cold here - brrrr. Mum isn't interested in letting me out much, but we got to go to the barn this weekend to see my big brother Jericho - he's been swollen recently. Mum says he got bit by a snake, but anyway, she finally rode him (makes me glad I am small) all weekend - and I got to roam free while she rode. So when I got home, I was SO tired. So tired, I didn't even let mum take my coat off before I crashed. And I got a bath. Not impressed.

And today, after going to the barn, we went to the barn party at Aunt Gina's house. This is where Jor-Jor lives. And Em-me lives next door, but she wasn't there this time - I missed her. Apparently, her pack leader, Tawanda made her go to some play that had nothing to do with fun. Which really sucked because I missed her. But I got love from the barn girls and JorJor. She took this great picture of me and Mum. They have a Christmas tree at JorJor's house - I wish we had one at our house. I could have great fun on it. (Mum inserts: This is why we don't have one, little dog)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I hate the nail clipping

Its like it wasn't enough for her to have me neutered. But she continues to try the torture with the nail clippers.
She takes off a toe almost, and still she pursues me with the clippers. I hate it!!!!

But you'll notice that the hair has grown in. Clever, aren't I? I get to hide the nails (almost) in my curly soft fur. I'm so cute, I don't understand how she can torture me like this!!!

Wait. Did she say "Treat?"
Hmm. If there are treats involved I might have to rethink the nail clipping.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm still here

quick note to my homies - I was placed in a foster home while mom was gambling away in Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday. It took a while for me to settle in, pee in the house, and basically make it home, but they gave me turkey and played with me all week long, so I decided it didn't suck. But I was glad to see mum on Sunday.

Mum said my fingernails were getting too long last night. She then proceeded to cut off a toe. OK. So it wasn't my toe. But that nail bled like it was the whole foot. Mum was apologizing and fussing and rinsing my foot repeatedly. Then she had the nerve to blame ME for moving my foot at the last second. Sheesh. The woman should not have been allowed to purchase nail clippers.

We quit with the back feet. She is threatening the front feet. We'll see.