Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have recovered!

This was me, convalescening. Mum waited on me hand and foot. Life was good as a sick puppy. But she's sick now with her cold. I hope she's not counting on me to wait on her... but I will bring her what ever toys I have if she wants.

I know lots of people words. I know more people words than mum knows B'dawg barks. One of my favorite is "Treat." Or "Crate" because Mum givees me these liver snacks that are TAY-STEEE!

I know some tricks, as mum calls them. I call them compromises. I do stupid things, mum gives me TREATS! Like "Bark" which I know really well. I also know "Sit" and "Lay Down" which, if you ask me, are pretty useless. I'm learning "Roll Over" but I stop half way so mum can scratch my belly. And "Dance" which is one of my favorite. B'dawgs know how to jam.

I've just learned "bell." Mum is training me to go to the door and pull on the bell there, instead of just sitting in front of it, staring at her. She's a little slow, you know. Sometimes it is hard to get her attention - hence the noise as well as me staring at her.

Anyway, I'm real good at "Toy." That's a good one - that means mum is FinALLY ready to play. But more specifically, I know "Ball" which is my little yellow tennis ball - I am one smart dawg - I knew how to fetch as soon as mum got me home. Its one of my favorite games. The yellow ball bounces and mum is always willing to throw it. After about three or four times, its MY turn to play a game - my game with her is called, "bring the ball back to mom but don't let her have it." That's an awesome game. I put it between my feet and then growl at her to try to take it. She's not near as fast as me....

Mum says its time for bed now. She snores when she's got the sniffles. Good thing I can sleep while she's at work.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I hab da sniffles...

Da B-dawg is sick. I keep sneezin and snifflin and mby nose ib runnin.

anb mum hab to work on saturbay. sucks.


goin to go and take a nab.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am so fabulous

One more - because you can never get too much of the B.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Did you miss me?

Its been a busy time for the B-daw. Mum had a birthday, and she got a new car. I spent the weekend with some of the best peeps ever - let me tell you, i thought Saturday morning started OK when mum shared a little of her wheat bagel and cream cheese, but OH! Was I wrong!!! Mister V and his wife were all about sharing cheese eggs with the B-dawg. I even helped do the morning dishes. Then mum dropped me off at Mrs V's mum's house. She's all old and spunky, so I was all about hanging out with her all day! She and I would sit and watch TV and she fed me CHICKEN FINGERS!!!! EXCELLENT!!!

And then, sunday morning - I got to have balongna and FRENCH TOAST AND BACON!!!!!! I was living the life, man. I was most disappointed to leave the V's house. They are the best Baxter family ever. And Mister V loves to spoil the B-dawg.

There were some other dogs and stuff, but I intimidated them enough, and hey, I am the cutest dog in the world, so I didn't have to share too much.

So it was an excellent weekend.
I got this groovy coat from the Gucci dog's family - apparently she's too big for it, but it fits me JUST fine. I like it. I feel like I'm stylin' when I wear it.

All in all, life is good for the B-dawg. Hope you all stay warm this week - its too cold for me to do much of anything but snuggle with mum.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Deers Are BACK

Last night, when mum took me out at about 6:30 to potty, I spotted them - AND THEY WERE CLOSE! There were SIX of them, right at the end of my driveway!!! (Mum inserts: In the yard across the street) OK, but still, they were so close I could see their beedy little eyes - AND I BARKED AND BARKED AND I would have attacked and protected my mum and my neighborhood, but mum kept hold of the leash.

I was so fierce that they split in all directions - two one way, three another and then one off in another direction. And boy were they scared!!!

The rest of the night I kept vigilance at the front door, barking just incase they thought it was safe. Stupid deers. They should know by now, This is Baxter's home.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

ATTN: Now holding auditions for a new Mum

Thats it - it was bad enough when she tried to cut off a toe while she was clipping my nails (which were perfectly fine being 12 inches long, thankyouvermuch) but last week, she was "grooming" me with scissors. And I was curious. How could those things make the fur fall off. Then she got on the phone with Em-me while she was doing this. And I saw my chance to examine the scissors - with my tongue, of course - like every good dog would.

And it bled - into my whiskers and it made me constantly want to lick something, including mum, her clothes, her hand and her furniture. She felt bad, supposedly, but it wasn't HER tongue with the ow-ie. She made it up to me though, she fed me a popsicle. Which was orange, her least favorite flavor. I think it was a peace offering, and it did make the tongue stop bleeding. She was nice enough to hold it for me and make sure I licked the best spot and didn't drip anywhere. So I had ALMOST forgiven her for letting me have access to the Evil Scissor Things.

But then she decided I had too much blood on my face. (Hello, It was YOUR fault, Mum - I don't see why *I* got punished for it) so it was in the shower I went.

This is how showers for the B-dawg go:

Mum and I get into the bathroom. Mum shuts door. Mum turns on water. I realize its too late and I lay down and show her my tummy for one last scritch before getting shampooed. Mum carries me into shower stall. Mum washes her face. Mum then suds me up withe funky smelling, flea killing shampoo. Keep in mind I'm a tiny dawg, ya'll. She uses like HALF A BOTTLE of the stuff. And then the fleas get all pissy at me and start crawling and bitting and its most uncomfortable, not to mention the soap in my eyes and its cold there on the bottom of the shower, not getting any of the warm water while mum stinks herself up with her own soaps. Finally, she picks me up for a rinse. This is when she picks off all the eye booger gunk on my nose, which I do not like - I put it there for a reason, if I wanted to get it off, I would have. grumble.

Then we exit the now nice warm shower place. Into the cold cold COLD bathroom. Mum then proceeds to make what she calls a "Baxter Burrito." She thinks this is funny. I'm usually too busy shivering to do much complaining. Finally, I decide I've had enough of the burrito and my eyes and ears REALLY itch and I demand out. Then I roll, roll, roll, on the bath mat. If its cold outside, I get to play with mum's hair dryer. Otherwise, I get a coat put on me and its outside for a pee break since the soap that mum uses tastes REALLY good.

So you can see - hurt tongue, then shower. I am so NOT pleased with her, I have decided to interview new Mum candidates. Currently in the running is Aunt Livie, who I spent thanksgiving with, Dr. Linda, who is the first person I met with Mum, and Prez Laura, who I will interview in a few weeks.

Mum is on restriction. I would put her in time out, but then who would I beg treats from???

Monday, January 08, 2007

Presents from da' Posse

I just got an AWESOME late Christmas present from Prez Laura and Em-me.... They are coming stay at the B-Dawg Casa in a few weeks, mum says. I am SO SO excited because it means PLAYMATES FOR ME!!!

Mum even let me open my own presents... sorta

Here I am, not believing this is ALL FOR THE B-DAWG!!! It was bigger and heavier than mum's present.

I finally knocked it over and began investigating....

HOLY COW! My very OWN stocking - full of BAXTER toys - that squeak and are great fun to chew!!!

Once I realized what kind of stash this was, I immediately grabbed it and took it to my kennel before mum could confiscate it and dole the toys out one by one.

And then there were the treats... mum had to be convinced they were for ME and not her because they smelled like really tasty people food. But since it was BARKERY on the bag and there were paw prints on it, she decided that they must be for ME ME ME.
And they are TASTY.

So thanks to my Posse - we'll see you in a few weeks. You guys ROCK.
hugs, kisses, and scratches,
The Baxter Dawg

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 is the Year of the Pet

I would say its the year of the dawg, but I'm out numbered here... Notice that we have begun taking over Mum's bed. That's just the first step in our plot. Next, we will be tricking her into making us groundbeef and sausage dinners, and the cats have this plan to grow thumbs and get money and take over the world.

Me, I'm just going to chill in the middle of the bed. 'Cause that's how I roll....
Besides, I already have thumbs... they just aren't opposable yet.