Monday, October 13, 2008

Captain Baxter sails again!

Mum and I went Kayaking again on the Colorado river this weekend.

The big difference? More hommies in our pack, and it was COLD. I told Mum I thought she said this was a desert??? Mum said bad words till she warmed up paddling.

Here I am taking lunch break at Arizona Hot Springs. I was admired by many other yakers on the river for my dedication to safety. I told them that I got my life jacket at PetsMart. And it ROCKS.

While we were at the hot springs, I saw wild mountain SHEEPS! and I barked at them. I could have totally kicked their sheepy butts.

And here I am, telling mum, "Quit with the photos, just row, silly! We're going to be LATE FOR DINNER."

All said, it was rockin' fun and I am one tired Dawg. If you would like to go 'yaking with the B-dawg, just drop me a note. I'll see if I can fit you in to my very demanding schedule.

peace out!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Baxter Dawg Golfer Gopher!

Hi Folks! Given the current economic woes, I have started my own business:

Baxter, Your Own Personal Golfer Gopher - you hit it, I find it!!

Good golfer, bad golfer, it doesn't matter!!! In the rough or in the sand, I can dig that ball out for you. And as an animal, I can be considered part of the course "hazards" under certain rule interpretations!

And for extra, I'll even fetch your ball from water hazards...what?

Disclaimer - water hazards must not be more than 6 inches deep, have no signs of large alligatory or crocodillian reptiles in residence and be between the temperatures of 85 and 105 degrees F.

And you can upgrade to the "Hole In One!" plan, where for our special customers, the Baxter Dawg will not only FIND your ball, but he will carry it to the hole and drop it in!*

*hole in one club does not guarentee than hole used is the hole the golfer is actually playing. Does not include tax, tag, and title. Your mileage may vary.

Thank you!! Call 1-800-BAXTER-RULZ to get yours today!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swimmin and Boozin' Dawg

We got a pool installed at the temporary B-Crib - complete with solar roof heater thingy and it is AWESOME. I have been working on my dives and my dawg paddle and its great for when I get hot, I just go sit on the top step - instant desert AC.

But last night, I got into Mum's wine... I might have had too much. Mum swears the floors were flat and not moving, but I think she was playing a MEAN trick on the B-dawg. But I liked the wine. Mum calls it Pee-nooo Greee-Zhee-Oooo and I couldn't get enough of it. Mum eventually had to put her glass away because, even with the floor and the rooms spinning, I kept trying to get more. Mum said I need a 12 step program. Whatev. I saw she's still got more of it in the fridge... I am going to bide my time.

Anyway, I might have maybe fallen in the pool in my (mum's words:) "drunken stupor" last night. But I swam around and got out. No biggie, but mum was NOT pleased.

Today, I decided to pass on the pool thing. But I was tempted. Really tempted.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Camp at Auntie Deb's!!!!

Mum went away for the weekend. To see my horse show buddies. She said she got tired of answering for where I was. DUH - next time, take me with you, woman.

Meanwhile, I went to Auntie Deb's house where I got to boss around kittehs and introduce them to the "pack" and "alpha dawg" concept. It was fun.

I even got to go swimmin' in Deb's tub.

I was glad to see Mum when she got back though. Gotta make sure she feels loved. But I have lots of sleepin' to do. Auntie Deb is a BUSY lady, man. And cat herding is hard hard work. So now that I'm home, I'm snoozin'.

I'm asking for a person to buy Mum's house so I don't have to keep trippin over those stupid cats, and also I'd like treats, and small tennis balls, and belly scritchin...

Just to inspire you with my cuteness, here's a photo... Now, Don't I deserve a kick ass birthday???

Love ya, Auntie Deb.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love the Ranch

I run free, I eat what I want, I bark at coyotes, and basically it rules.

And the cow poo!! Its aroma is delish and I roll in it when ever I can.

This of course results in the least fun thing - the baths. Ugh.

But I did get to go River Swimmin too this year. Rock on.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Urban living = B Dawg Litter Box??

I think not.

Mum thinks I should pee in this box. As if. Fake grass even.

We are not impressed.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Captain Baxter on the USS Kayak!

Mum and I went on an adventure this weekend. We got to ride in this little boat thing called a kayak. Mum kept calling it a "yak." She's weird like that.

Back in NC, after I kept showing interest in swimming, mum bought me my very own Dawgie Flotation Device. (AKA life jacket.) It makes swimming much easier and me less stressed. Everyone was mucho impressed with it and me (of course.)

Here we are, at the base of Hoover dam. We had to go through major security to get here, and I didn't realize that I should have peed there before getting on the boat. But I held it. It just wasn't fun.

I just checked out the cabins below deck - perfect size for a B-dawg.

Off on our adventure. I would sit in mum's lap and she would row. Like it should be.

DUCKS! OMG! I bailed off the kayak when one swam up to us and I was going to get it! - I was not going to allow ANY ducks on my boat. Its a duck free zone! Then I realized "this water is FREEZING" not like the beach or the pool or the bath tub. LET ME BACK IN THE KAYAK, MUM.

When we got to this area, its a canyon with hot springs - the water in this inlet was nice and warm. We hiked up a little ways till I couldn't go any further (they had ropes for people to keep going) and the stream was HOT. Mum says that's why they are called "Hot Springs." Here I am telling the Ducks to BACK OFF again. But the water is pretty warm here.

Its just ANOTHER waterfall, Mum. Chill out with the picture taking. Geeze.

And when I got tired, I could stretch out and nap. Good times.

All in all, I think I like kayaking. I get to meet lots of people, see lots of things and hang out with Mum. Not so bad a day.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dawg Park

OK, dudes - its really really hot here and there's like NO grass.

And the cats keep digging in this box thing and making noise and IT BOTHERS ME. THEY NEED TO STOP

Mum was feeling bad about me not going to see Rico so she took me to this Dawg Park thingy.

A whole park for B-dawgs!!! There's even GRASS and TREES

and unfortunately other dogs. I thought it was supposed to be just MINE, but oh well.

Anyway, it was fun and all sniffing things, but it was hot so I spent time just chillin' with mum in the shade. It wore me out so much, this is what I did on Saturday night:

Come visit the B-dawg - I'll take you to my park!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to become a "Desert Dawg"

Mum packed me and the cats up and put us in the car for SIX WHOLE DAYS??? Puppy sez "WTF?"

Here are some photos of me criss crossing the country - towards the end, I did not get to get my photo taken as it was hot and stuff and I was tired of posin'. We have arrived safely in Las Vegas and I am learning to potty on sand and rocks instead of grass. its not ideal, but when you gotta, you gotta.

P.S. HAPPY BIRthDAY PREZ LAURA - mum took a movie of me singing happy birthday to you and then her battery had died and then I wouldn't sing it again and I am sorry. Mum said we were even in your time zone on your birthday and I waved to you when we went through Texas. P.P.S - I hope your Texas is prettier than the Texas we saw.

Baxter Sez: "Are we there yet? Tennessee is cool and all but I am TIRED already."

Baxter Sez: "This posing crap at rest stations is for the birds. You mean I have to do this for the rest of the WEEK? So Arkansas has a lake by the highway. Big deal. Its raining. Put me back in the car."

Baxter Sez: "Texas is empty and its COLD- Mum says it is like 56 degrees and its stormy. Brrrrr"

Baxter Sez: "Just so long as we don't have to TAKE Route 66 - that would take FOREVER. And how come I can't go into the Mexican restaurant with you?"

Baxter Sez: "Someday this will be all mine in my quest for world domination."

Baxter Sez: "Sigh. Yes, another pose in the Painted Desert."

Baxter Sez:"I found out its called the petrified forrest because I was petrified - DON'T DROP ME, MUM!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Horse showing - with out a horse

That's the way I like it. Mum and I went to Raleigh to hang with my peeps, and Jericho stayed home.

The paparazzi were out and about and could not resist taking professional photos of yours truly. I was chilling in my bag while Mum was watching Krystal with her horses.

But let it be said, I may have been in a bag, but I was still givin' the laydeeze some B-dawg flirtin'.

Check this stud man out!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Beach trip to Nana's!!!

Gulf Shores - land of treats from Granpa in the AM, scritches from Nana in the PM and occassional Yorkie-Poo Smack Down 2008 with my sister, Barley....

You have to understand - the beach may look like one big litter box to the cats, but to me, its a constant head out the open window of the car. There's breezes bringing weird smells, birds to chase, crabs to dig up and all sorts of fun stuff - and that doesn't even count the SWIMMING. It was too cold to swim this time, though.

Not only that, its a rockin' place to dig a hole and nap.

We had a blast there - though my sister Barley doesn't seem as beach going as I am.

Poor thing.

Barley says, "Hello, Dahlings... Have you seen a cabana boy about? I need my umberella set up."

Barley:My Mum says dogs aren't allowed on the beach here.
Baxter:I heard my Mum say that too.

Baxter:Good thing we aren't dogs.
Barley:Yeah. Rotten for them, though.

One of my favorite games is tag between Nana and Mum - see how fast I am???

Peace, my hommies! Don't forget the sunscreen!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Weight loss trick

I used to be warm and fuzzy.

Then mum clipped me.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bigger than a bread box?

In a word, "No."

But a toaster? Maybe. Especially if its not a bagel toaster.

You can see, I was not amused my Mum's latest story. Apparently some of you (ahem AUNT PIXIE ahem) had thought I was like HUGE or something, like 15 lbs! Can you believe that?

Let me tell you, B-dawgs are like diamonds - small, beautiful, and highly desired.

So I told mom to take some "frame of reference photos" after my bath tonight.

Here's one:

See? This is not a big laptop mum has - its only a 12 inch power book.

Now, wait. that's not a good angle. I finally had to tell Mum "GET DOWN HERE ON THE FLOOR WITH ME, WOMAN! AND GET ME A TREAT WHILE YOU'RE AT IT" (I am still not pleased with her current abandonment of the b-dawg this weekend. harumph.

Enough with the mundane, Mum. LEts do something different... get that wine bottle down so I can show 'em.

oh. sorry.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Little sisters... gah

This is me and Barley at Christmas. Barley and I are from the same litter, and you can see who got all the good looks.

Barley barks at EVERYTHING, even things that aren't there. Mum says that she sees dead people. I'm all "whatev, shut UP, sis. " Gahd. Annoy-ING.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fab-u-lous Christmas. I got to celebrate New Years at a party Just For Me! At least until they started with the fireworks - then mum and I were all "see ya."

Here's hoping your 2008 is rockin!