Friday, December 30, 2005

A dog's life - jet settin' for the holidays

Its tough to be me - having to fly in the world's smallest pet carrier (hint Mum.)

But I got to spend Christmas on the Gulf Coast with my Mum and her pack and my sister!!!! Yes, that's right, my sister lives with Mum's brother's family. She's all dainty and delicate and well behaved and probably is was dropped on her head because (my sister, not my mom.) she comes when she's called, she doesn't bark near as loud as I do, and she's pretty much potty trained. In short, she made me look REALLY bad. Yep, she's definitely had all those tackles and bites I gave her coming. Little sisters are the PITS.
Check me out - stylin' on the golf course. I am one handsome canine!! Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I got to go out with Mum and Grandpa and chase golf balls while he practiced chipping. Grandpa said I need to learn to fetch them and then drop them in the hole. If I thought it would get me better kibble and sleeping arrangments, I might consider it.

Oh yeah, Mom bought herself this "How to train Dogs" book. What a load of crap. She could have spent that money on treats or toys but instead I'm hearing "NO." and "COME HERE" and "SIT." And "STAY." As if. I live with cats - like I'm going to do THAT - they still get fed and get to come and go as they please - I demand equal rights.

Here's my sister. Sure, she's cute and all, but she's not as great as me. Of course, that would be tough, so we cut her a bit of slack - notice she's a blonde. No wonder she does what she's told.

Mom said Uncle Bob bought me a card to PetSmart - SWEET! I LOVE PetSMART - everyone there thinks I am SO cute and I get all sorts of treats and stuff. Now, if I could only convince mom to spend it on treats instead of pee-pads.....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do not adjust your screen....

This is another one of those cats I live with...

It makes me feel good to know that Mum will never deny me food. Can you believe how fat this cat is??? And she's afraid of ME???

She runs in fear when ever I approach - do not be fooled by the picture - she's terrified of me. HA! As well she should, being an evil cat.At least I only have to deal with two. Mum's internets friend Crazy Aunt Purl has FOUR of these beasties!!! FOUR?! She must be insane. And awash with hair and kat puke.

One last cute picture - mum likes me lots.

peace out, homies.

Welcome to the Rock!

(say it again, but this time, try sound like Sean Connery)

OK - So this is my new jail, I mean, pad during the day. I find that the accoustics in the living room are not near what they were in the bathroom so I have to shreek louder. This all started because one day, when mom got home, I met her at the door. This is where I was living:

Mom wanted to upload a photo of the baby gate and the bathroom where I was chillin but the blog site is all screwy. Anyway, I managed to climb the baby gate and meet her. So then she started closing the bathroom door.

My response was to do paw-paints with my poo on her walls and door in the bathroom. For some reason, she was not pleased. (hello, I am a yorkie-POO after all...)

Anyway, so here I sit. When Mom gets home these days, she's usually stressed and bummed - apparently someone higher in the pack has decided to fire a bunch of people and she's really worried that she might be one. I told her we could share my kennel, but that didn't go over well. (See, I knew it sucked) At any rate, I do my best to cheer her up and she lets me chase her and play and stuff. I make her laugh so its all good.

I still don't like the kennel though.

Friday, November 11, 2005

a week gone by

OK - so mum has taken me to work a few times. That's ok. I suppose its better than chillin' in the bathroom.

But more importantly, we had a photo shoot - or she took photos and I goofed off. Excellent.

Check out my styling attire - cold front moved through and mum makes me wear this. I'll be the laughing stock of dogs everywhere.

I've been trying to tell Mum that the cats are the devil. She might finally be catching on - she didn't touch these photos up - I swear. We have several more. Malley cat is definitely the devil.

I wish mum would let me roam the house during the day - how else am I supposed to keep an eye on this guy? Someone needs to.

That's all for now. Peace, love and kibble.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

home alone - again

So I got to play with mum last night - but I though I could jump off the couch. OUCH! that hurt - so I'm on the D/L. Mum freaked out a bit about it - she wouldn't let me walk around anywhere after that. Which is okay with me, because I like chewing on her fingers. She tastes interesting.

I woke up lonely at 3 AM and made sure everyone knew about it. And it happened again at 5 AM but this time I got to go play "attack mom's feet while she's in bed." That was REALLY cool. Then Tinkerbell jumped on the bed, and I barked at her. For some reason she doesn't like me. I don't know why - She could totally beat me up just by sitting on me, but cats - who understands em? Not me.

I tried to mark my territory on mum's bed this morning. You know, to make sure the cats know who's boss. Mum was not pleased. I found myself in the middle of a pee pad in the bathroom before I could say, "Look, mom!!!" Hmmm.... I wonder if she wants me to mark other spots?

She keeps yelling at me when I wander to the cat food - I mean, man, I just want to smell the stuff, I'm not going to eat it. But noooooo - Baxter isn't allowed near the cat food. Rubish. Stinkin' cats run the place.

Mum left me home alone again today - I don't know what I'll do. I've got this great shreek that rattles the windows and makes the neighbor's dog bark. I wonder if I can make it louder. I think I'll practice today.

Anyway, tomorrow is friday. Mum said she MIGHT take me to work with her tomorrow. yeah, right. It smells there. But lots of people like me there. We'll see.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Well, I'm here now

So mom says she'll put some pictures of me up soon - ha. We'll see. After leaving me home ALL DAY for my first day, I got to go to work with her yesterday. And I was adored by millions world wide. Seriously, I was SO good - didn't hardly make a peep and I even got to go to several meetings with mom and hang out in her coat. Someone called her a kangaroo but I don't know what that means.

Today, I'm stuck at home. With the darn cats, who don't want to play with me at all. Mom tried to play a little this morning but she was all "Sleep, Baxter. Lets snooze." I keep telling her sleep is for woosies and cats, but apparently she doesn't speak Baxter yet. I'm trying to train her, but she's slow.

I barked at Tinkerbell this morning. That was fun. She ran like I was a pit bull. Very cool. I must be really scary.

I hope mom comes home soon. I hate the bathroom and really hate the puppy gate. Besides, I can tell mom needs serious attention. Its going to be tough work to take care of her - she's not easy, you know.

more later!