Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long time, no post

Mum and I have been SUPER BUSY moving into the new digs.

We're settled in now, and I've now got the title of Deputy Dawg. This means I am in charge of fussing at the cats when Malley gets on the counter or they try to sharpen their claws on the stair carpet.

I like the new house, but most of all, I like my new crate - it is STYLIN!

I think it adds a level of class an sophistication.

You'll also notice I am sportin' the summer 'do. Not really happy about it but since its been so hot, I think Mum might have had a good idea.

Me and Malley have been playing - he likes to plop down next to my ball and then I bark at him until he gets annoyed enough to leave so I can get my ball.

That works until I inhale his stupid fur. Stupid cats. Always shedding. Definitely not near as nice as Baxter-Dawg's hair.

More later, peeps. I will try to keep mum updating the internets for you!