Thursday, March 29, 2007

another cute horse show photo

Again - being held back from my mum because she's all dressed in white.

as if B-dawg dirty foot prints weren't lucky. harumph.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monthly Fan Club Meeting.

(Mum inserts: Blogger was being a total pain about uploading pictures, so this is a week late. Sorry)

This weekend saw the return of Prez Laura, and cousin Em-me to Casa Baxter. And even Cousin Jor-jor got in on the action the last night. She is so silly.

It was AWESOME. I got to pee on everyone - its very important you know, to mark my territory. Mum thinks it was because I got excited, but that's just my cover story. I dont' like to share my fan clubs, you know. Even with Tinker and Malley cats.

And Prez Laura, we love her so much - she fed us raw egg. And bacon. And I pooted ALL weekend long. It was FUN! Here I am, because she is MY Prez Laura, staking my claim on her. I will not share. Except with the her pups, whom I will convert to the school of Baxter is the best Dog in May.

No pics of Emme this time - she was camera shy with the b-dawg.

It was great fun. I loved it.

Horse Showin'

This weekend, I got to play at mum's horse show.

Good Things:
I get out of my crate all day
I get to see Mum almost all day
I get to be adored by my fans at the show grounds
I get to beg for chips, french fries, and other yummy snacks.
All the fabulous smells at the show
All the horse poop I can eat when mum doesn't see me.
I get carried when I'm tired.

Bad Things:
Mum won't let me jump on her or sit on her lap when she's dressed fancy
Mum disappears for times with Rico
I have to stay with other people even though I can see my Mum RIGHT THERE and I NEED TO BE WITH HER.
Mum takes a crate to the show.
People threaten to kill me when I'm in my crate, crying.

It was fun! We're doing it again in April with Nana, Grandpa, and Jorjor. That is TOTALLY going to rock.

Here I am, with a fan club member, watching mum ride Rico. We have to be quiet here.

When there's lots of horses, or I'm tired, Mum will carry me. Its great.

I got to meet all SORTS of friends. This guy LOVED me.

I also showed off some of my tricks, like sit, and laydown. I got all sorts of applause.

But at the end of the day, its Mums who are the best ever.

Monday, March 19, 2007

PSA from B-dawg

This is story that is important to my hommies everywhere.
I am quoting:

"A sugar substitute found in a variety of sugar-free and dietetic cookies, mints and chewing gum is proving highly toxic, even fatal, to snack-snatching dogs.
Xylitol, popular in Europe for decades but a relative newcomer to the U.S. alternative-sweeteners market, can be "very, very serious" to dogs when ingested,"

"Right now, xylitol is used mostly in cookies, candies, cupcakes and other sweets developed for people who have diabetes. It's also sold in bags of crystals for baking. Because of its bacteria-killing properties, it is put into some oral care products, including Tom's All Natural and Biotene toothpastes.

It also is beginning to be used in a broad assortment of products intended for the general public. Among them: Jello sugar-free puddings and a wide variety of sugar-free gums, including Trident, Orbit, Stride, Icebreakers and Altoids."

Weekend stories coming soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm at the Veternary for the day. Mum decided she was done trying to wrestle me into submission (ha! B-dawgs will never submit!) to clip my toes.

So I'm here, held captive by people who smell funny and carry around needles.

This is not good. Who knows what they might do to the poor defenseless B-dawg? Baxters weren't meant for this. All I can say is they better be careful. I might have to teach them a lesson or three.

And Mum is in SO much trouble when she gets back. She better hide her shoes, is all I'm sayin'.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

my new squeaky...

mum got me this before my adventures in shoe destruction.

its a great squeaky toy AND pillow.

I hear that Prez Laura is going to bust me out of San Quentin on friday. Most Excellent! That right there is a TRUE Fan Club Prezident.
Later, homies!

I'm in the dawg house...

I chewed up a pair of mum's new shoes this weekend. She was not pleased AT ALL. I told it was just the back loopy things and they were still wearable, but this appears to have been a final straw.

This brings the total pairs of shoes that I have maimed to:
at least SEVEN pairs.

And I am non discriminate to style. I've done hiking boots, water proof shoes, I particularly like mum's Ariat shoes to gnaw on - and let me tell you, those are worth every penny - mum says they cost lots! And boy are they good!!!

Then there are three pairs of dress shoes - complete from strappy sandles to grandma pumps.

Her closet is like a B-dawg chew toy buffet. Between her underwear and her shoes, I could just live in the closet all day while she's at work. Unfortunately, she disagrees and I have to chill in the super crates.

I keep telling her I am part of her behavior modification program to pick up her shoes and close the closet door. She does not appreciate it. At all.

silly mum.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Malley Cat bugs me

He thinks he's so smart. I just want to play, but he's all annoyed and stuff. Check this out - pompous puss.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A little update from B-dawg's Casa

Hey folks. Just a little update from my casa. Not much chilling from here - mum and I go to the barn to see Rico when its warm enough.

Today, mum came home early to go to the dentist and set me LOOSE on the Casa. I played. (and OK so I pooped in the house, but its her fault she was on a schedule.) Then she went to the barn WITH OUT ME. ARGH. Does she not realize there are my fans there, waiting to pay homage to the wonder that is the B-dawg? Poor things.

Anyway, when she got home we played ALOT.

And now I'm tired. Note the new blanket mum got from Food Lion - for 5 dollars. Its like B-dawg cammo.
Have a groovy Wednesday.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mum is AWESOME with the crafty

She's making this scarf for Em-me. But I love it.

I think I'll hold it hostage!