Monday, October 13, 2008

Captain Baxter sails again!

Mum and I went Kayaking again on the Colorado river this weekend.

The big difference? More hommies in our pack, and it was COLD. I told Mum I thought she said this was a desert??? Mum said bad words till she warmed up paddling.

Here I am taking lunch break at Arizona Hot Springs. I was admired by many other yakers on the river for my dedication to safety. I told them that I got my life jacket at PetsMart. And it ROCKS.

While we were at the hot springs, I saw wild mountain SHEEPS! and I barked at them. I could have totally kicked their sheepy butts.

And here I am, telling mum, "Quit with the photos, just row, silly! We're going to be LATE FOR DINNER."

All said, it was rockin' fun and I am one tired Dawg. If you would like to go 'yaking with the B-dawg, just drop me a note. I'll see if I can fit you in to my very demanding schedule.

peace out!