Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bicardii - it does a doggie good

There are some things mum just won't share... her dinner, and some of her drinks.

so I have to be stealthy....

The bottles are usually cold and I can lick the water off the outside - mmm, refreshing. Though I really prefer the red wine that mom leaves unattended. She *should* know better.

Here's another picture from Christmas - I'm glad Barley lives far away because mum paid WAY too much attention to her. (Mum inserts, "Perhaps it was because you IGNORED me when you were playing with her, but she didn't. She always came when I called her - you, on the other hand had selective hearing...")

What ever. I have no idea what she was talking about -but see, I take great pictures...

And so ends another week.

All Dogs Go To Petsmart....

(with apologizes to Disney for the paraphrase of title...)

Uncle Bob's gift card was an adventure - We love Petsmart - its the best. I get to meet all sorts of people and get adored by all the folks at the store and let me tell you about the smells!!! The whole store is a smorgous board of interesting odors...

Speaking of dogs, I got to meet more of my canine kind... A border collie who thought I was a great toy (thanks, mum, for saving me) and a big lab who peed in the food aisle.

The neat thing about petsmart is that I get to meet other animals. Last time, I met a ferret - why anyone would have one of those weasle things as a pet is beyond me - heck, in the dog toy section, they have toy ferrets for guys like me to pull and chew on.

So this time, Mum and I walked by the fish section. Lets be frank - it smells weird here. But I found it facinating for a few minutes - until I realized that I couldn't actually catch the fish things. then I was over the experience.

And finally, after a border collie and a lab, I met a dog I can finally beat, relate to. :)

Hope your shopping is as cool as mine.