Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dawg Park

OK, dudes - its really really hot here and there's like NO grass.

And the cats keep digging in this box thing and making noise and IT BOTHERS ME. THEY NEED TO STOP

Mum was feeling bad about me not going to see Rico so she took me to this Dawg Park thingy.

A whole park for B-dawgs!!! There's even GRASS and TREES

and unfortunately other dogs. I thought it was supposed to be just MINE, but oh well.

Anyway, it was fun and all sniffing things, but it was hot so I spent time just chillin' with mum in the shade. It wore me out so much, this is what I did on Saturday night:

Come visit the B-dawg - I'll take you to my park!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to become a "Desert Dawg"

Mum packed me and the cats up and put us in the car for SIX WHOLE DAYS??? Puppy sez "WTF?"

Here are some photos of me criss crossing the country - towards the end, I did not get to get my photo taken as it was hot and stuff and I was tired of posin'. We have arrived safely in Las Vegas and I am learning to potty on sand and rocks instead of grass. its not ideal, but when you gotta, you gotta.

P.S. HAPPY BIRthDAY PREZ LAURA - mum took a movie of me singing happy birthday to you and then her battery had died and then I wouldn't sing it again and I am sorry. Mum said we were even in your time zone on your birthday and I waved to you when we went through Texas. P.P.S - I hope your Texas is prettier than the Texas we saw.

Baxter Sez: "Are we there yet? Tennessee is cool and all but I am TIRED already."

Baxter Sez: "This posing crap at rest stations is for the birds. You mean I have to do this for the rest of the WEEK? So Arkansas has a lake by the highway. Big deal. Its raining. Put me back in the car."

Baxter Sez: "Texas is empty and its COLD- Mum says it is like 56 degrees and its stormy. Brrrrr"

Baxter Sez: "Just so long as we don't have to TAKE Route 66 - that would take FOREVER. And how come I can't go into the Mexican restaurant with you?"

Baxter Sez: "Someday this will be all mine in my quest for world domination."

Baxter Sez: "Sigh. Yes, another pose in the Painted Desert."

Baxter Sez:"I found out its called the petrified forrest because I was petrified - DON'T DROP ME, MUM!"